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What is a Moissanite?
If only you could pic a star right from the sky and set it into a ring …
Well, now you can. A Moissanite is said to be the stone with the highest brilliance compared to any other gemstone in existence.
Some would say it’s engineering brilliance at it’s best (Pun intended).

First discovered in 1893 by scientist Henry Moissan in Arizona. This scientist would eventually win the Nobel Prize in Chemistry. The original Moissanite stone was literally born of a star (meteorite) that found it’s way to our planet.
Natural moissanite is incredibly rare and never sold in it’s original natural form. After many years of toiling in labs, moissanite was successfully recreated to produce what is now one of the world’s most magnificent gemstones.

Moissanite is naturally a silicon carbide which makes it one of the hardest materials on earth and also gives it an unmatched brilliance.
Often referred to as a diamond replacement due to it’s resemblance, it holds it own as a perfect choice for an engagement or wedding ring.

Unlike Diamonds which are globally very tightly regulated and published in the Rapaport or Rap Sheet, Moissanites are not. This means that manufacturers and retailers are free to loosely determine the cost of Moissanites. Quality comes into play here where stones are often prices according to their color and clarity. Often brand names charge a premium for Moissanites purely because of the name associated with the distributor.

This is why it's vitally important to purchase from reputable Moissanite dealership. Cheaper is not always better BUT the most expensive stones are not always the best either.

We have taken extra care to bring you the best possible Moissanites at the best prices. We have partnered with a select few manufacturers in Russia, Italy and China and constantly monitor the quality before allowing the sale locally in South Africa.

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